Magic Forest Part 1/2 Event

We have a new event island in Dragon City called the Magic Forest Part 1/2 meaning that after we finish part one we will be transferred  to another world.

The dragons available for this event are: Clover, Petal, Lightbeam, Amazone, Loki and Sap Dragon. The Sap dragon is a new legendary dragon in the game.

In order to unlock these dragons you have to complete quests in this event like collecting gold to get potions, feeding your dragons to get suns and fighting other dragons in order to get mushrooms :)

This event is fun so i will play it and i hope i will unlock a lot of the dragons.

Here is the first video i made on this island shortly after the island was released.


Farm Island Event

The Farm Island event is now live on mobile platforms. It is the same format as Throne island.

In this event we have to collect cookies by collecting gold (5 cookies max), collecting food (25 cookies max), feeding your dragons (60 cookies max),  winning pvp battles (75 cookies max), breeding dragons (150 cookies max), hatching a 2 element dragon (250 cookies max), hatching a 3 element dragon (375 cookies max) and hatching a legend dragon (500 cookies max).

You can win prizes in the chests and also you can unlock special dragons like: Cat Dragon, Rabbit Dragon, Black Swan Dragon, Chiken Dragon, Sheep Dragon, Hansel & Gretel Dragon, Chocolate Dragon, Caw Dragon, Felidae Dragon and Pig Dragon.

Check out the video review below:

Update: Box cost (cookies):1st=30, 2nd=40, 3rd=110, 4th=50, 5th=60, 6th=70, 7th=80, 8th=160(skip), 9thCAT=600, 10th=40, 11th=50, 12th?=40/70 up/left. 12th=70 path will lead to 1st encounter


Ancient World Portal Tutorial

We have a new building in town called The Ancient Portal World. Here you can summon unique dragons that produce a new material called platinum. There are 6 mines in the island that will produce Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, Onyx and Diamond.

There are also 6 mini islands on the map. The first dragon you will be able to summon is the Guardangel dragon. Like the other dragons he will produce 10 platinum per hour at level 1.

The second dragon will be the Gorgoneia dragon and you will be able to place it in to the Magic habitat. Getting Gorgoneia will give you +9 Platinum per hour. Gorgoneia Since their costs are close to the same, definitely get Gorgoneia first! It will pay off fast!

ancient world

Here is the first video i made about this world:


Mirage Dragon


Elements: FLAMEicenatureterra

Incubation Time: 75h

Hatching time: 100h

Gem Cost: 5.500gems

Experience: 320.000experience

Sell Value: 7.700.000gold

Weakness: seaelectric

Description: The most delusive of all four-elements-dragons. For years, Mirage Dragon was considered a myth – a fabrication of a few crazed Dragon Masters. Today we know he is real, but that doesn’t mean he’s easy to breed!

mirage dragon

This dragon is good in combat because he has 4 elements, so you can critical hit a lot of other dragons. Here are the attacks for this dragon:

mirage dragon attacks

and here is the video in witch i show you how i got this dragon in the Breeding Sanctuary:


Detective Dragon


Elements: terraseadark

Incubation Time: 16h

Gem Cost: 1.500gems

Experience: 60.000experience

Sell Value: 1.200.000gold

Weakness: metalwar

Description: When night falls and darkness descends upon the weak, the dragon detective will get to the bottom of things. He’s the best at solving mysteries!

Immune: electric
detective dragon city

Check out the video where i show you how this dragon looks like: have fun guys!