Little Red Riding Hood Dragon


Elements: electricFLAMEnature

Incubation Time: 16h

Gem Cost: 1.500gems

Experience: 60.000experience

Sell Value: 1.200.000gold

Weakness: sealight

Description: This little red riding hood dragon loves to go for long walks in the forest and through the woods to bring food to her sick grandmother. If one day you happen find her in the countryside walking around, you can ask her for a piece of the delicious food she carries in her basket!

little red riding hood

Breeding Combinations: NONE yet (leave a comment if you know any)

Resistances: naturedark

Immune to: sea


Sheriff Dragon


Elements: natureterra

Incubation Time: 16h

Gem Cost: 1.000gems

Experience: 30.000experience

Sell Value: 500.000gold

Weakness: metalwar

Description: This sheriff dragon is always looking out for the welfare of others. Defender of the helpless, this tireless avenger always has troublemakers in his sights. I would love to have this sheriff in my town. I am sure he will defend all the poor and shoot all the bad guys. :)

sheriff dragon city

Breeding Combinations: NONE

Resistances: Terra, Flame

Immune to: Electric