Amethyst Dragon

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Elements: naturemetal

Incubation Time: 16 hours

Gem Cost: 1000gems

Experience: 30.000experience

Sell Value: 100.000gold

Weakness: terraice

Description: The Amethyst Dragon is also one of those powerful yet pretty dragons which are exceptionally hard to get, but despite what it may seem it is not entirely impossible to acquire them for your game. Being the sister of the Quartz Dragon, her skin is made up of nothing but mineral. Despite this notable characteristic  the Amethyst dragon possesses a soft and kind heart which is as beautiful and hard to find as its deep and astonishingly purple eyes. Sounds interesting, right? This special dragon isn’t always available for users in the game to use and play with. It only arrives in the specific month of February in order for the players to breed their very own unique birthstone dragons. In addition to all that, her winged arms add to her charm and agility. This added ability to her characteristics allows her to attack and defeat the enemies speedily and tactfully. Being beautiful this dragon has far better abilities than most of the others which in turn makes your game and playing time fun, entertaining and definitely not monotonous. This dragon is the best pick for those players who find pleasure in pursuing their goals during the gameplay.

An image of a Amethyst Egg amethyst

Breeding Combinations: NONE



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