Ancient Dragons

The Breeding Dome is active on Ancient Portal. Below you will find the dragons you can summon there and then the dragons you can get by breeding the summoned dragons.

Ancient dragons are a whole new type of Dragon. They can’t fight or be bred, instead they produce Platinum and can be summoned with Crystals.

The habitats in the Ancient Portal are: Beauty, Magic, Chaos, Happy, Dream and Soul.

Ancient Dragons List

Guardangel, Protector of the Heavens (Beauty)
Gorgoneia, Sister of Stone (Magic)
Piercing, Scorpion’s King (Chaos)
Rebird, Idol of Ash (Beauty)
Swin-Jin, Summoner of Desire (Magic)
Obserno, Incubus of Flame (Chaos)
Edeluxe, Queen of Charm (Beauty)
Poseadus, Baron of the Mermaids (Magic)
Squidus, Handler of Tentacles (Chaos)
Fulltune, Creator of Cornucopia (Happy)
Glowppy, Master of Fireworks (Happy)
Surfaster, Dancer of Waves (Happy)
Deliriam, Lord of Trance (Dream)
Ignox, Delegate of Blaze (Dream)
Recondite, Prince of Dephts (Dream)
Ankeror, Spirit of Conquest (Soul)
Cosmoprime, Guardian of the Universe (Soul)
Turkgon, Almirant of Corsairs (Soul)

New Ancient World Element Dragons! (you can get them by breeding ancient dragons):

Amber Dragon btso
Secret Fire Dragon mgch
The Amazing Dragon hpso
Prophet Dragon chdr
Flawless Dragon btdr
Balloon Dragon hpdr
Dreamcatcher Dragon drso
Bride Dragon bthp
Gurgle Dragon mghp
Naughty Dragon chhp
Underworld Dragon chso
Red Rose Dragon btch
Mermaid Dragon btmg
Illusion Dragon mgdr
Chackra Dragon mgso