Ivory Dragon


Elements: terrapure

Incubation Time: 16 hours

Gem Cost: gems

Experience: .000experience

Sell Value: .000gold

Weakness: NONE

Description: This beauty of a dragon looks like it came just out of a fairytale. The pure white ivory with which it is made of is decked with streaks of fine filigrees of shimmering gold. There is a reason why the Ivory Dragon is the center of jealousy of all the other dragons. Closely similar to a sculpture, many people mistake the dragon to be one until it starts moving.

Just as beautiful as it appears to be, the Ivory Dragon is also very powerful and strong. When it comes to combat, it can defend itself quite effectively and carries out killer blows to ward off the enemy.

ivory Ivory_Dragon_2

Breeding Combinations:

Pure level >= 20 + Terra level >= 20

Terra level >= 15 + Pure level >= 15

Monstruous level >= 20 + Pure level >= 20

Pure level >= 20 + Bone level >= 20