Poo Dragon


Elements: terra sea dark

Incubation Time: 15 h

Hatching Time: 15 h

Gem Cost: 1.000gems

Experience: 200.000experience

Sell Value: 10.000gold

Description: This dragon is one of the few exclusive dragons that you can get it by breeding other dragons. Below are a few combinations. Poo dragon and mud dragon are the weakest dragons if you want to combat with them. This dragon is one of the few dragons that do not have horns.

Basic attacks are flying kick, earthquake, tsunami and leech. If you want to train him in the training center the attacks available are: stunning hit, tumble weed storm and ghost cloud (the best).

Poo Dragon

Breeding Combinations:

Legendary + Petroleum

Legendary + Pirate

Crystal + Petroleum

Crystal + Pirate

Mirror + Petroleum

Mirror + Pirate

Wind + Petroleum

Wind + Pirate